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Welcome, my name is Lee Wilbur, as you might have guessed. This is (obviously) my web site. I wanted one, so I made it. Its purpose is to showcase the things I most enjoy and provide fun little services to make my life (and perhaps yours) easier.
For example:
This site is still heavily under constructions (I know, most sites are). So you'll have to forgive many of the not yet active parts of the site.

YOUR PRIVACY - I despise companies that take your information then resell it. I further despise companies that try to trick you into thinking you're unsubscribing when you are in fact subscribing. ("Click here if you don't want to be subscribed" crap). The point being that while some parts of this web site require you to register, I will not be selling your information to anyone. For further details, see the terms of use agreement on the menu on the left part of the page.

And keep in mind, I've got to pay for the domain name and hosting services... so if you have an appreciation for what I've done here, please visit and purchase products and/or services from the companies and web sites that I am an affiliate to. I get a small kickback from all of them.

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